Aster Tefera/Tsigie Haile (Ethiopia)

Aster Tefera has a Masters of Arts in Social Work. For the last 10 years, she has been involved in women focused programs. Since 2013, she is serving as WISE-EMPOWER Project Coordinator implemented in partnership with Coady International Institute and two African countries. The focus of the EMPOWER project is strengthening women’s leadership for economic empowerment and food security. Her main role is conducting studies, facilitating researches and disseminating the knowledge. She serves as a focal point for the EMPOWER project in Ethiopia.

Tsigie Haile

Tsigie Haile is the founder and director of Organization for Women in Self Employment (WISE). She received her MBA in Business Administration. Tsigie hired in July 1970 as a secretary at Addis Ababa University and continued to work in various positions at the University until 1993. Convinced that she could do more to serve poor people by establishing a local non-profit organization that focused on poor women and girls, she founded WISE in 1997. WISE focuses on empowering women and girls by providing support in micro-enterprise and leadership development.