Alison Mathie

Alison has over 40 years’ experience in international development as a practitioner, educator, researcher and writer.  She is an associate at the Coady International Institute as well as an associate faculty member of the ABCD Institute.

At the Coady Institute she has facilitated ABCD workshops and courses, led participatory action research, convened an international gathering for practitioners (“Deepening the Practice of ABCD”) and directed the Institute’s research activities.  Among other publications, she has co-edited From Clients to Citizens: Communities changing the course of their own development (with Gord Cunningham) and Citizen-led innovation for a new economy (with John Gaventa).

Born in the UK, she lived and worked in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea before studying in the USA and settling in Canada. She has had work assignments in many countries, mainly in South Asia, South East Asia, the South Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.