Deepening our understanding of ABCD by exploring what unites us

At the Imbizo, we will explore, discuss and discover lessons from a local, national and global perspective, in plenary and small group sessions, as well as offering fun, interactive and skills-sharing activities and events.

Contributions (Abstracts):

There will be various ways to share and deepen our practice and research. Participants are encouraged to contribute their reflections, wisdom and experience in creative and interactive ways.  The following spaces in the programme have been created for this purpose:

  • 1 hour workshops (practical and interactive)
  • 30 minute tool demonstrations (digital and/or practical)
  • 30 minute oral paper presentations (practice, case studies, research)

Presentations need to allow time for participation from those attending. For example a 30 minute oral presentation slot should include at least 10 minutes question/answer/discussion time. There will be a small number of computers available and we strongly suggest that you restrict the number of slides in your presentation to 10 or fewer.

How to offer a contribution:

Participatory interactions will emerge throughout the programme and participants will have multiple opportunities to immerse themselves in the themes although, there will be a more structured presentation space for people to share their experience, research and wisdom under the following broad themes: 

  • Practical tools & strategies (For example, ABCD digital toolkits; ABCD and people with disabilities; Using ABCD within your organization; ABCD and producer-led value chain analysis; ABCD and community-driven health impact assessment; ABCD and transformative community economic development).
  • Academic discourse: research & policy (For example, exploring the linkages between human rights-based approaches and ABCD; Monitoring and Evaluation of an ABCD approach; Using ABCD in Integrated Development Planning at the Municipal level; Responding to critiques of ABCD).
  • Innovative application & creative partnerships (For example, using an ABCD approach to address climate change; ABCD from a donor’s perspective; ABCD and faith-based communities).
  • Story sharing: tips, tricks & treasures (For example, Exploring ABCD principles through; Appreciative Interviewing, Learning Conversations, Participatory Leadership, Most Significant Change Technique).

The examples offered with the 4 broad themes above are not conclusive so, please don’t be limited by them as they are meant to stimulate your thinking! Please share your creative, practical and innovative ideas to your contribution submission.

Submitting a Contribution (round one):

If you would like to submit a contribution:

  1. Write a brief description of no more than 250 words describing your contribution
  2. Write a brief bio, including contact details, of no more than 80 words

Send your contribution via email as follows:

  1. Include your theme and name in the subject line of the email
  2. Ensure your contact details are correct
  3. Make sure you attach your contribution description and your bio
  4. Send your contribution to by the 1st of December by midnight

The Imbizo Programme Content Sub-Committee will review and respond to all round one submissions by the 30th of November 2017, in time for you to prepare for your travels.

Note: round two will only occur if there is abundant space available in the programme after round one is closed.

Contributions closed!